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Trademarks protect your businesses’ image and brand. It could be a symbol, design, packaging, name, slogan, phrase, logo or word. In each case, the trademark identifies the source of a product or service and could help your clients or customers distinguish your business from competing businesses that offer similar goods and services. Contact a trademark attorney today.

A good trademark should not be easily confused with your competitor’s trademarks. Unlike a patent, trademarks do not prevent your competitors from offering the same product or service. However, trademarks can prevent your customers from thinking that your competitor’s products or services are your products or services. In other words, your trademark is your brand and your brand is everything.

US Trademark Law

In the US, you are not required to register a trademark with the government in order to protect it. By simply using your trademark in commerce you will likely gain some level of common law protection. However, common law protection will not protect you against competitors who are using a similar trademark in a different region. If you want national protection, hire a trademark attorney to register it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

There are many advantages to registering a trademark with the USPTO such as nationwide protection. However, not all trademarks can be registered.

Benefits of Hiring a Trademark Attorney

If your trademark is generic or could likely be confused with another trademark, the USPTO may reject your registration. A trademark attorney can guide you through the trademark registration process. A trademark lawyer can also advise you on whether or not your trademark will likely be accepted by the USPTO.

Once you register your Trademark, intellectual property lawyers can assist you in monitoring and renewing your trademark. This ensures ongoing protection of your mark against your competitors. If you are not diligently monitoring your trademark against infringement, you may lose some of your trademark protections. Contact a trademark attorney at Thorsen Legal today for a free consultation.

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