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Estate planning is something that every responsible adult should do during their lifetime. However, human tendency is to put off planning for tragedies like death and incapacity. The advent of COVID-19 has caused more people to realize the importance of illness and death planning. As a result, there has been a steep increase in people seeking a San Diego trust & estates lawyer.

Risks of Not Having an Estate

If you were to die today without a trust or will in place (or with an old trust or will that doesn’t reflect your current business, family arrangement, asset class or last wishes), your family or business could be devastated. Leaving your heirs or business partners without a plan in place could only make it worse.

Estate planning not only involves wills and trusts, but also powers of attorneys. These are documents that give other people certain powers to make decisions on your behalf. In a world where many lose some level of physical and mental ability prior to death, planning for disability and incapacity is smart.

The Benefits of Working with an Estate Attorney

Many of our attorneys are both estate planning attorneys and business attorneys. This combined knowledge allows us to help businesses plan for smooth business succession in the event of the death of a shareholder, officer, business owner, executive or other “keyman” personnel.

Business succession planning should be done at both the business level also at the individual level. Therefore, companies often pay the cost of personal estate planning for its owners, business executives and key personnel.

The top ten estate planning goals of our firm’s clients are:   

  1. Provide financially for heirs or dependents post death.
  2. Provide for a business succession plan and smooth business ownership transition.
  3. Name guardian for children.
  4. Plan for loss of physical or mental abilities.
  5. Reduce interfamily fighting and tensions.
  6. Avoid the cost, expense and wait of probate.
  7. Plan for future generations, including the ability to Influence the post-mortem decisions of their heirs and children
  8. Asset protection.
  9. Save on estate taxes.
  10. Charitable giving.

Contact a San Diego Trust & Estate Attorney Today

If you have any of the above goals, call the San Diego trust and estate planning lawyers at Thorsen Legal. Our estate planning attorneys can help you draft your will, trust, power of attorney and other related estate planning documents.

You can also trust our attorneys to handle trust litigation and estate disputes or provide you with assistance administering an estate or serving as a guardian.

Are you in a family dispute over the provisions of a will or trust? The San Diego trust attorneys at Thorsen Legal have experience prosecuting and defending trust disputes and a wide variety of other trust and estate related causes of action.

No matter what your estate planning legal needs are, call the San Diego trust and estate lawyers at Thorsen Legal.  Contact the San Diego law office of Thorsen Legal today at (512) 761-5197 to arrange for a free consultation and learn how an estate planning attorney can help you.

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