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San Diego Partnership Disputes Lawyer

The greatest threat to your business may not be your competitors, but a dispute with your business partners. This is an unfortunate reality for many business owners in San Diego and throughout California. A San Diego partnership disputes lawyer is committed to helping clients resolve these matters fairly and affordably.

Common Reasons Partnership Disputes Occur

Some reasons partnership disputes arise are as follows:

  • Economic pressures such as cash flow shortages
  • Changes in a partner’s personal life
  • Disputes over business decisions or business direction
  • Whether or not to pursue certain business opportunities
  • Differing ideas about what constitutes business success
  • Conflicting personalities

If you and your business partner are in a dispute that is negatively impacting your business operations, you should act immediately. There are steps you can take to secure your business and protect your equity.

At Thorsen Legal, our experienced San Diego partnership dispute attorneys assist small businesses and individuals with business dispute matters. We work with partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies and other business entities to resolve a wide variety of business disputes.

Our San Diego business litigation lawyers can represent your interests in business dispute litigation or help you develop strategies to avoid future business disputes before they happen.

Protection Under California Laws

California law imposes certain fiduciary duties and obligations on business partners. Business partners may have fiduciary duties not only with respect to their current business operations but also with respect to outside business opportunities that arise in the course of business. It is important that you understand your duties and obligations to your business associates and partners. You should also know who has the right to enforce these obligations.

A partnership dispute can lead to lost profits or even the downfall of your business. However, advance planning can prevent such undesirable outcomes. If you are forming a new partnership, the business attorneys at Thorsen Legal can assist you with implementing preventative measures to avoid partnership disputes.

If you and your business partners are already involved in a business dispute, contact us today to resolve the issue. Don’t let the dispute grow to a point that it threatens your entire business and you risk losing everything.

The sooner you address a business dispute, the better. The longer you wait, the more difficult and costly the dispute will likely be to resolve.  

Types of Claims

Common partnership disputes include claims for:

  • Breach of partnership agreements
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract
  • Self-dealing
  • Fraud
  • Misappropriation of company funds or assets
  • Partnership Dissolution – a partnership can be completely dissolved, reorganized to change ownership or voting rights of each partner, or continued by one or more partners after a partner withdraws.
  • Death or disability of a partner.
  • Divorce and its resulting property division (with respect to a partner’s equity, etc.).
  • Removal of a partner for other reasons

Partnership disputes do not always need to go to litigation. Often times, disputes are resolved outside of courts through negotiated settlement agreements or through alternative dispute mechanisms such as mediation or arbitration.

How a San Diego Partnership Disputes Lawyer Could Help

A San Diego partnership disputes lawyer at Thorsen Legal will examine all of the circumstances surrounding your partnership dispute to ensure your rights are protected and to help you avoid any unnecessary risk or liability.

When partnership disputes cannot be resolved, it may be best to simply dissolve the partnership.  If dissolution is needed, we can assist you with the dissolution process as well. This includes making sure assets and debts are divided fairly, and your rights are protected throughout the process.

Thorsen Legal is proud to represent San Diego business partners with resolving and preventing various partnership disputes. If you are involved in dispute with a business partner contact our law offices today at 619-403-6523 for an initial consultation.

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