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Business torts is when a business or individual acts in a way that results in financial harm to another business. Businesses that are injured, economically or otherwise, by someone committing a business tort may seek injunctions or monetary damages in civil court. A San Diego business torts attorney can represent your business’ interests as they seek out the legal remedies available to you.  

At Thorsen Legal, we understand how to successfully seek damages from those who have committed business torts against your business. Whether its preventative or proactive, the business lawyers at Thorsen Legal can assist your business with drafting contracts to prevent business torts against you, interpreting existing contracts to determine your business tort liability or defending your company’s interests in business tort litigation.

Our business tort law knowledge, combined with our thoroughness, attention to detail, and dedication to quality has helped us to establish Thorsen Legal as one of the premier business law firms in San Diego.

Example of Business Torts

Our San Diego business law attorneys can assist your company with preventing, defending and seeking damages for the following business torts:  

  • Whistleblower cases – Our business litigation attorneys can assist whistleblowers pursue actions against contractors and other companies that have defrauded the government.
  • Tortious interference – If another business has unlawfully interfered with your company’s business or contractual relationships, you may have a tortious interference claim.
  • Restraints of trade – If your business is being harmed by a business competitor engaging in unfair or deceptive trade practices, you may have a claim for violation of restraints of trade.
  • Theft of trade secrets – If you need assist protecting or defending your trade secrets or intellectual property, you may have a theft of trade secrets claim.
  • Conversion and fraud – Our legal team assist clients in going after businesses that misappropriated their assets or defrauded them.
  • Trade name and trademark infringement – If someone else is illegally benefitting from the unlawful use or your trade name or trademark, you may be able to recover damages for trade name or trademark infringement.
  • Commercial disparagement – If someone has published a false and damaging statement about your business, you may have a case for business defamation. 
  • Breach of confidentiality – If someone has breached a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or other confidentiality agreement, causing harm to your business, you may be entitled to damages for breach of confidentiality.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty – This is also sometimes called a breach of trust. If a business partner, trustee, administrator, joint venturer, advisor or other party who owes you a fiduciary duty has harmed you or your business, you may have a cause of action for breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Breach of contract –  Contract disputes can quickly devolve into extraordinarily complex litigation.  The experienced business lawyers at Thorsen Legal can advise you with respect to your rights and liabilities in a contract dispute and diligently represent you or your company in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and trials related to all types of business contracts. 

Litigation involving these and other business torts are complex and challenging. The experienced business lawyers at Thorsen Legal can advise and assist you to (i) mitigate your companies’ risk or liability exposure for business torts; (ii) negotiate on your company’s behalf in a dispute; (iii) pursue mediation, arbitration and/or litigation on your company’s behalf.  Our business litigation attorneys seek cost effective and practical resolutions, attempting to minimize lengthy litigation when possible.  At the same time, we serve as strong advocates and legal advisers, ardently defending our client’s business interests.

Contact a San Diego Business Torts Attorney

A San Diego business torts attorney at Thorsen Legal can assist with all stages of business and civil disputes, including discovery, pleadings, and use of expert witnesses.

If you have been harmed as a result of a business tort, you should discuss your case with an experienced business attorney. Contact a San Diego business attorney at Thorsen Legal today, 619-403-6523, for free consultation.

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