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Shutting down a business is never easy. However, it’s important to remember that there are certain California rules and processes you need to adhere to when closing a business, just as there were when you first formed the entity. Failing to abide by these rules can result in future fees and taxes owed to the state of California. With the help of a San Diego business dissolution attorney, you can ensure you will be in compliance with all necessary state and federal laws.

Businesses dissolve for many different reasons, such as disputes between partners, loss of revenue, and inability to raise funding. No matter what the circumstance, closing a business is a stressful experience for any business owner to go through. Fortunately, our experienced legal team is well equipped to handle these matters for clients throughout California.

Common Business Dissolution Issues

Dissolving a business incorrectly can leave business owners with significant financial and legal troubles, especially if their property, debts, and contractual obligations weren’t handled properly prior to closing. Examples of complex dissolution issues include:

  • Breach of contract lawsuits
  • Business debt collection services
  • Business partnership dissolution
  • Property ownership disputes
  • Spin-off operations or professional practice dissolution
  • Shareholder and investor disputes
  • Commercial real estate lease obligations

Whether you are a sole proprietor, investor group, or business partnership that is closing down, contact Thorsen Legal today for a free consultation. Our experienced business law attorneys have decades of experiences protecting our clients from financial and legal troubles that can result from dissolving a business.

Commonly Dissolved Entities

The most commonly dissolved entities with the California Secretary of State (SOS) include limited partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), domestic corporations, and foreign corporations. By dissolving, the owners of these entities are agreeing to cancel future business operations in California. If the right dissolution documents are not properly filed with the state of California, the business owners will be subject to continued filing and tax requirements.

It is important to also remember to cancel any business names, licenses, registrations, or permits, as well as comply with state labor and employment laws, all of which the business attorneys at Thorsen legal can advise you on.

How a San Diego Business Dissolution Attorney Can Help

Dissolving a business involves many moving parts. For instance, it requires valuing a business’ assets and liabilities, reviewing legal agreements and financial obligations, and doing right by customers to avoid liabilities. A San Diego business dissolution lawyer has experience dealing with these matters, and will work hard to help you achieve a safe and fair closure of your business. From simple partnerships to complex corporations, our legal team has demonstrated experience helping clients achieve the results they desire. Contact an experienced attorney from Thorsen Legal today.

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