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Hiring an experienced San Antonio business lawyer is as important as having an accountant. Whether your business is a startup or is well-established, consult with a skilled business attorney. Before you begin your search for qualified legal counsel, consider the following:

Size of Firm

Bigger firms often have higher hourly rates, but when you factor in the advantages of working with such a team, cost should not be the most important factor. Many San Antonio, TX business lawyers specialize in a single area of law, but working with a larger team of attorneys provides you the benefit of a wide variety of specialized expertise under one roof.

Additionally, a team can have more national, state, or local clout as well as connections to industry authorities and specialists that can be invaluable to your business. For instance, if you are in the midst of a legal battle, sending a letter from an established law firm with multiple locations is more impressive than one from a small operation that might not practice in the defendant’s state.

Specialized Practice Areas

Work with a San Antonio business law attorney of firm that specializes in your business needs. For instance:

  • Contracts – Most companies need a San Antonio contracts attorney to review or draft contracts used with clients, customer, and suppliers. You also should have a legal team to review contracts provided to you. Business norms differ across industry, so work with an attorney who specializes in your industry and can quickly understand your company’s needs.
  • Real Estate – Before a business signs a commercial lease, they should have a business purchase and sale attorney in San Antonio review it. These agreements are written to benefit the landlord and can often be difficult to understand. Some business owners think that these forms are non-negotiable. A San Antonio real estate attorney can write a tenant’s addendum that protect your interests and add it to the end of the lease agreement.
  • Intellectual Property – If your company creates any type of content or product, engage with a breach of contract lawyer in San Antonio, TX to register products or services for federal trademarking and copyright protection.
  • Taxes and Licenses – While your CPA will prepare your annual tax filings, a San Antonio corporate formation attorney will register your business for federal and state tax ID numbers. They can also advise on tax benefits and consequences to your specific enterprise.


In addition to locating a law firm specialized in the right practice areas, seek a San Antonio business lawyer with the following qualifications:

  • Reputation and Experience – How long has the business law attorney or law firm in San Antonio been in practice? What is their reputation in your community? Ask co-workers, partners or other businesses for recommendations. Ask the American Bar Association or your local bar association for referrals to a potential attorney.
  • Connections – It’s not possible for firms to specialized in every area of business law or industry. However, they should have established relationships with other legal professional that will provide them with relevant information necessary to fully understand your business. This is particularly important for specialized companies in niche markets.
  • A Philosophy of Teaching – Is your San Antonio business attorney going to take the time to educate your on the legal issues fundamental to your business? They should know how to explain the law in a way you that you understand how it impacts your daily business. This can help you identify potential issues prior to them becoming serious problems. A lot of lawyers share recent legal developments with clients through newsletters to help them stay informed.

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