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Employment Law Attorney

Employment law is the law that governs the rights and obligations between companies and their employees and independent contractors. Depending on your location, there may be federal, state and local laws that can apply. Some areas that an employment law attorney at Thorsen Legal can assist with include hiring, equity, stock restrictions, wages, benefits, medical insurance, employment taxes, overtime laws, discrimination, termination of employment, ownership of intellectual property, anti-competition laws, insurance and workers compensation laws.  

The employment lawyers at Thorsen Legal help companies with employment matters ranging from hiring to firing. We also assist employees and contractors in negotiating contracts and defending their rights. We draft and review employment agreements and independent contractor agreements and advise on the proper classification of workers as one or the other.

Protect Your Company When Hiring Employees

With respect to onboarding new personnel and contractors, the employment lawyers at Thorsen Legal can help your company prepare or review offer letters, invention assignment agreements, confidentiality agreements and executive compensation structures. Our employment attorneys advise on stock grants and similar equity compensation arrangements.

While many employment law matters can be negotiated and included in a written contract, some arise as a matter of statutory law. Employers have an obligation to follow all state and federal employment laws and to implement reasonable measures to protect employees’ rights in the workplace.

Employee Rights Protected by Law

For example, employees have a right to be free from unlawful discrimination. Unlawful discrimination is discrimination based on age, gender, race, national origin, religion or other protected characteristics. Employers may also be required to offer reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities; including pregnancy.

Employees have the right to a workplace that is free from unlawful harassment. Unlawful harassment means unwelcome conduct directed at an individual based on a characteristic that is protected by anti-discrimination law. A well-known example is sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers should implement policies to prevent harassment in the workplace. The attorneys at Thorsen Legal can assist with preparing employment manuals and other workplace policy materials.

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Employees also have a right to a safe workplace free of dangerous conditions, toxic substances, and other potential safety hazards. As an employer, you are likely responsible for compliance with workers compensation requirements that are designed to assist injured employees.

Employees have the right to be paid wages for work performed and, depending on the circumstances, the right to overtime. Minimum wage laws must also be complied with.

Lastly, if an employee lodges a complaint that the company or his or her superiors have violated the law, the employee may be protected from being fired by whistleblower statutes. Any termination of an employee for reasons prohibited by law is an unlawful termination, entitling the terminated employee to file a claim or receive damages. Therefore, to prevent disputes, our employment law attorneys can assist with preparing severance agreements with appropriate waivers. Call us for a free consultation to speak with an employment law attorney today.