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Thorsen Legal strives to build strong relationships with our business clients in Dallas and across Texas. If you are in need of a Dallas business lawyer, we can partner with you to provide professional guidance and experienced legal advice throughout your company’s growth cycle, from initial business formation through acquisition.

As your Dallas business legal partner, our lawyers streamline processes to provide you with efficient legal services. We are able to work with your business partners and service providers, such as your CPA, to help ensure that your business interests are protected. Our attorneys become part of your team’s effort to thrive as a profitable and successful business. Additionally, Thorsen Legal can serve as outside general counsel for our Dallas, Texas business clients, working on a monthly retainer basis.

Smart Advice on Business Formation

If you are a sole proprietor or a startup in the beginning stages of your company, Thorsen Legal can help you and your accountant choose the right legal entity. Thorsen Legal makes a conscious effort to educate our Dallas business law clients on the large liability risk that comes with operating as a sole proprietorship. Throughout our years of legal practice, we have seen many sole proprietors unknowingly risk their personal assets being seized to satisfy a legal judgement. Our attorneys work hard to help our Dallas business law clients select the right legal entity to protect the assets that they worked so hard to earn.

In addition to helping you form and start your business, Thorsen Legal can assist with drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, negotiating contracts, and any other business needs. Our law firm’s business law services include:

  • Capital Raises & Financing
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Trade Secrets
  • Contracts
  • Business Purchase and Sale
  • Business Dissolution
  • Breach of Contract
  • Unfair Business Practices
  • Partnership Disputes

Growing, Acquiring, and Selling Your Business

Texas has one of the best business friendly environments in the US. So, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs through the US are moving to Dallas and other parts of the state. Business owners who work hard to secure some financial stability may decide to take advantage of the opportunity by expanding, acquiring, or selling their business. However, there are legal considerations when deciding to grow a business, just like there were when first starting out.

Texas has tax laws and employment regulations that need to be met, and there are certain rules around how one business can purchase or sell to another one. If you are looking to properly set your company up for expansion, you should have an experienced Dallas business attorney review your corporate documents and contracts so you understand the best path forward and are protected from potential liabilities.

Providing Trusted Legal Counsel For Dallas, Texas Businesses

Whether you are a small business or an established one, working with experienced legal counsel is always the right move. The lawyers at Thorsen Legal bring decades of experience and vast resources to provide global services to our Dallas business clients. We work as a team to provide you with comprehensive legal services and do our best to help you accomplish your goals. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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    Dallas Business Lawyer

    • Corporate Formation

    • Partnership Agreements

    • Capital Raises & Financing

    • Trade Secrets

    • Business Dissolution

    • Partnership disputes

    • Unfair business practices

    • Breach of contract

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